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Sep. 4th, 2011 11:19 pm
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I went to Ikea today. Ikea was its usual awesome-cool, blue-and-yellow self, with dozens of couches to lounge upon, lines of mattresses to flop on, and lots of shiny furniture to gawk at. The problem was that there were far too many people. I stood in line at the cafe for what felt like an hour, but the meatballs were worth it! I barely escaped the checkout line with a waste paper basket, some power strips, and some other odds and ends. The coffee table I had hoped to get, and the dresser, were all sold out. This was entirely forseeable, and entirely my mistake - next time, I will go to Ikea after school has started, on a work day, at 10 am. I'm a postdoc who sets my own hours; I should take advantage of this.

Afterwords I ended up at the Met's re-screening of Lucia di Lammermoor held in the plaza in front of Lincoln Center, which was fairly fun (except for the bit when the cops came to order us to return the chairs we took from a nearby park). Their Enrico looked extremely like Severus Snape (both hair and nose were correct), and their Edgardo had some passing resemblance to Sirius Black. Not understanding a word of Italian, I mentally substituted appropriate dialogue - resulting in occasional chortling and giggling, and weird looks from my neighbors. It may also be somewhat disturbing that I found myself wanting to give Enrico (the villain of the piece) advice on how to properly conduct an evil plot.

The clothes are in the closet, the plates are in the cupboard, the books on their shelves. Pretty soon, the room will be as close to civilized as I get! I just need to get rid of those pesky underfoot not-yet-emptied boxes of odds and ends ....
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