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After a very long hiatus, I decided yesterday morn that I would prefer something other than my usual eggs sunny-side up (also, I had, in a fit of relative insanity, tried making sauce for fish a few days prior, and had mushrooms and onions to use). Heedless of the bloated disaster that had been omelet trials 1 and 2 (now safely in the mythical past), I proceeded ...

Trial #3
Grade: C- (minimum passing grade)
-Too much olive oil: I don't have a nonstick pan, so I tried to substitute by putting olive oil on the bottom of my pan. I put too much of it, and this ruined the carefully beaten consistency of egg, causing it to gloop and clump. Undesirable behavior.
-Unsure of dosages, used too much mushrooms and onions. Next time, use about half as much.
-Also, wait til onions and mushrooms are truly browned.
-Salt and pepper disaster - I don't have proper shakers, and put in way too much.
-Nonetheless, result was edible, and I didn't set anything on fire. It's eggs. As long as you heat them somehow, it's hard to create a true disaster.

Trial #4
Grade: C+
Yesterday's lessons fresh on my mind, I perhaps overcorrected. Nonetheless, result was edible, and tasted like a mushroom and onion omelet, and even looked like one, mostly. The consistency was still not great, but this might be because the pan has a slight bulge in the middle, giving the bottom layer a donut like shape. New, nonstick pan? The excess sauteed mushrooms and onions are being diverted to lunch. I'll call this one a qualified success, and enter it into the breakfast repertoire. Further improvements to be attained by seeking the help of people who know what they're doing, or actually following a recipe or watching people cook on YouTube, or someshing.


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